S&V Logistics & Transport srl


S&V Logistics & Transport srl is a company specialized in domestic and international shipments: FTL (“full truck load”) and LTL (“less than truck load”).
Thanks to our experience in logistics we can customize services to meet your individual needs: we guarantee satisfaction both to small businesses and large enterprises. In addiction to the quality of our services and punctuality, our strength comes from a very high level of Customer satisfaction obtained thanks to a clear and constant communication. Apart from transport and shipping services we also offer big storage spaces.
We offer our long-standing experience to anyone who needs to handle and move goods in Italy and in the World. You can also count on us if you need a logistics partner that can guarantee to your merchandise the same quality standards storage that you have in your warehouse.
Be sure you can rely on specialized staff, modern fleet, flexible and dynamic structure: these are key factors that make S&V Trucking Company the top player in the transport and logistics market.

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Wide area used the goods storage to accommodate any type of goods, maintaining the quality and integrity of products.


Management of all the movements of goods and products within the same company organizational process.


Experience in the logistics industry, S&V ensures the punctuality and customer safety in the transport of goods of all kinds.


S&V offers a service of exceptional transport of several types of goods, heavy and out of gauge cargo.


Optimal solution for those who need to make the transportation and delivery fast, through customized dedicated services.


Experience in A.D.R. shipments, European agreement concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road.